Working with AWA

AWA stands for many things

A few featured

Consulting solutions

AWA offers a consistent End-to-End Consulting solution together through partnerships with strategists who are/were employed at major international consulting organizations.

Our core values in the field of advice:

We aim to respond to your question/problem within 24 hours. As soon as we have received your issue/problem, it will be dealt with as quickly as possible and you will receive a response by email or the right contact person will be contacted by telephone.

We are able to provide with high quality in cooperation with local consultancies and our network. We also guide the process until it is resolved.

After the outcome is positive, we will contact the organization after one month to see how the trajectory/process is progressing. If the organization is satisfied, we keep in touch every quarter and we do this to check how everything is going. Is there room for new innovative plans? If so, we would be happy to sit down at the table again to discuss future plans where we can contribute as a partner.

Executive Searches

Ashword William Associates maakt onderscheid door zich te specialiseren in het zoeken van C-level professionals op het gebied van Finance en IT binnen de financiële- en commerciële branche.
For example, we focus on modeling long-term relationships with a network that focuses on current C-level professionals and future C-level professionals.

We are in daily contact with these professionals with specific disciplines. Through our extensive database, data and network we find the talents that are wanted.

Network events

Ashworth William Associates organizes networking events where guest speakers are invited to inform about the new tools, new laws & regulations or their business experiences. This allows organizations to get to know each other better and everyone can also learn something from each other. Because where an organization encounters a certain situation, another has a solution for that situation through another organization and it can be brought into contact with the organization that can provide a solution in the short term.

A recruitment firm specialised in Finance and IT.